Thursday, November 20, 2008

How You Can Help

Our upcoming Ronald McDonald House project is still 3 weeks away (Friday, December 12th), but will be here before we know it!

The menu we decided on is: Chili, Cornbread, Salad, Brownies, Drinks--enough to serve 35-40 people, plus our book club.

They like to serve dinner around 6:00, but we can get their as early as we need to prepare. We discussed making the chili, cornbread, and brownies the night before and then prepping the salad at the house. Andy and Kristin, can you be in charge of the chili recipes and providing the list of items needed?

So, we also need volunteers to do the following:

*Shop for food and paper goods (at least 2 people)
*Host the chili-making festivities on Thursday night
*Cook Chili (as many as are willing to help!)
*Provide crock pots =5
*Bake cornbread
*Bake brownies
*Arrive early on Friday to prepare salad-- 5:30?

Please respond on whether or not you plan to attend and what you can do to help out!

Oh, and here's the address: 935 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102


Alix said...

-I can host the chili making night.
-Help cook the chili.
-Provide a crock pot.
-Bake some cornbread.

Andy said...

I can help make the chili.
Provide a crock pot.
Probably get there early to prepare salad.

Kristin said...

I can definitely help make chili and anything else.

Should we make the cornbread there along with the salad, so it is hot and fresh?

Andy, let's talk so we can shop before the chili making activities.

Alix said...

Great idea, Kristin. I just called and they have 3 ovens that we can use so let's plan to make the cornbread the night of.

Kristin said...


Sherrelyn said...

Sorry to play hookey again ladies, but that is the night of Larsen's work Christmas Party, so I am (once again) unable to make it.

holly said...

I will provide a crock pot, help make the chili, and make a large pan of brownies. I will also plan to try and be there by 5:30 to put cornbread in the oven.

Can't wait... what a great idea!

Kristin said...

I think I should be able to be there at 5:30, too.

erin said...

i can provide a crock pot, and make brownies. are you planning on getting the giant bag of marie calenders cornbread mix from costco??? It is super easy.

Not sure yet if I am going to be in town or not the day of, will keep you posted though.

Kristin said...

That Costco cornbread sounds great. We'll pick that up on our Costco run.

hk said...

I can make chili, arrive early to make salad and cornbread, and brownies, if needed... Can't wait!

holly said...

Bad news for me. It turns out I'll be leaving for DC on Dec 9 and won't return until Dec 16. I don't really have a choice in the matter, since I received a subpoena from the US Dept of Justice today and have to testify in a criminal case. Lots of fun, I know. I'll give you all the lurid details when I get back.

I will still plan to lend my crock pot for the chili, buy brownie stuff for someone else to make, and pay my share for all the food and paper goods. I'm just so sorry I won't be there... I was really looking forward to this!

Damn you, Jack Abramoff.

Monica said...

I can do whatever girls. So sorry I didn't come to help plan.

- If a crock pot is needed I will provide one.
- I can make a batch of brownies if neeeded. I just got a delicious mint brownie recipe!
- I can arrive early that night to help cook.
- I can help shop for groceries.

Whatever you need me to do. Just let me know!

Sounds like a great thing...I'm excited!!

Kellie said...

It looks like the crock pots are covered. I can make brownies ahead of time. Are we choosing any kind we want and do we purchase these outside of the shopping trip?

erin said...

So, not going to be able to make it after all, I will be in Virginia on an interview. Will definitely help where I can before I leave though...